An Otaku Abroad

An Otaku Abroad

Learn how to plan your trip to Japan from an anime fan's perspective as well as tips and tricks for keeping your costs under control.


Manga Classics

Pride and Prejudice Les Miserables Jane Eyre The Count of Monte Cristo

The Manga Classics are carefully adapted literary classics paired with beautifully rendered artwork.


Illustrated Classics

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Pride and Prejudice Peter Pan The Princess and the Goblin

The Illustrated Classics are books featuring the original cherished novel text accompanied by black & white and color illustrations from beloved manga artists.


Manga Shakespeare

Romeo & Juliet Macbeth 12th Night Much Ado About Nothing

Manga Shakespeare is a series of critically acclaimed books featuring cutting-edge manga illustrations with the abridged original text from Shakespeare.


Manga University

Kana De Manga Kanji De Manga Manga Cookbook Manga Moods

Manga University is the world's leading publisher of English-language educational manga. Their award-winning publications include the "Kanji de Manga" language-learning series, "The Manga Cookbook" and "Manga Moods."


Manga Guides

Manga Guides Manga Guides Manga Guides Manga Guides

The Manga Guides use Japanese comics, clear explanations, and a charming storyline to explain the basics of complex subjects.